Triple boxes: $480 (39 items, serves 4)

Double boxes: $350 (39 items, serves 2)

One box: $200 (38 items, serves 1)



The morning after the tolling temple bells usher in the New Year, families in Japan gather to share an "osechi" meal. The tradition is said to have started over a millennium ago as offerings to the gods for good fortune during the new year, and morphed into delicacies to be consumed by mere mortals during the Edo era. During the twentieth century, osechi -- increasingly presented in fancy lacquered or wooden boxes --  also came to be seen as a way to provide a welcome respite from constant cooking for the first couple of days of the year. Nowadays, with many in Japan without the time (and effort) necessary to prepare a full osechi set on their own, families increasingly order their osechi from department store food halls and restaurants. Typically comprising a couple dozen or more individual items, pretty much every one of them in an osechi box has meaning: chestnut "kinton" mimics the riches stored in gold, herring roe stands for fertility, and sweetened black beans represent health and longevity, for example. 


Restaurant Nippon has been offering boxed osechi sets with all the traditional items for several decades now to the delight of our clients, who were almost exclusively Japanese at first (some were expats here alone who missed the taste of home), but now an increasingly diverse range of customers who have incorporated Japanese cuisine into their lives. We are pleased to announce that Nippon will be offering a limited number of osechi sets again this season: 70 sets, first-come first-serve, in three different variations depending on gathering size (and appetite!). 


The first meal of the year is usually accompanied by ozouni, a New Year soup which differs between regions and even families -- sort of like grandma's recipe. Folks in western Japan tend to use white miso, while the east gravitates to clear soups, but the ingredients can vary widely within regions or even villages. Best of all, ozouni also takes the edge off after an evening of intense celebration into the wee hours. Please take a look at our favorite recipe if you would like to give it a go.


We hope that you will reserve your osechi with us, and enjoy the coming New Year holiday with loved ones the Japanese way. 

Please contact us to resere your osechi at 212-688-5941