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From an elegant dining, or casual take-out, to a business lunch catering,
Join us at NIPPON! 
The best of "Edo-Mae" Tokyo style and
the oldest Japanese restaurant in Manhattan! 















The first dinner we prepared, as we await for the completion of our restaurant remodeling, was a 100th day celebration dinner for a baby boy “Arito.”

This family ceremony is called Okui-zome, meaning “the first meal,” wishing the new born to always have enough food.


One day, when Arito-kun grows up, we will tell him the story of the spring of 2020, how New York fought the battle against COVID-19, how everyone collaborated,  and cared for each other.


From the bottom of our heart, we look forward to the day we can open our door and welcome you in a renewed dining room.


For now, with at most consideration for the safety and security of our valuable guests and staff, we will start take-out and delivery with limited menu on April 13.


Restaurant Nippon Staff

Pete Wells recommended the Usuzukuri (fluke sashimi); agadashi tofu; sukiyaki; kamonabebeef oroshi; soba; and Fugu shirako. What's your recommendation? Please posted it on our facebook page! 

You've tried our sushi, you've tried our soba, sukiyaki and kaiseki.  Now, ready for the Fugu? Read this Florence Fabricant article on NYT!